Crocosmia, summer flowering bulbous plant

Crocosmia, summer bulb Crocosmia or Montbretia is a summer-flowering bulbous plant. Crocosmia blooms in the summer and comes in the colours orange-yellow to bright red. This flower fits well in a mixed border. It has fine flower spikes which continue flowering well into late summer. It also combines well with ornamental grasses. It is an airy “weaver”. Weaving plants are good for mixing in flowering borders. Try a combination of orange-red crocosmia and purple shades, this strengthens the colour effect. Colour palette With Crocosmia you give your garden a good dose of colour in the first place. Originally, this garden […]

Bedding and perennials

Bedding plants and perennials – Spring and autumn are the time for new garden plants. The garden centres are full of them. With annual bedding plants, you can quickly transform your garden into a colourful entity. The choice of bedding plants is enormous. You can safely plant perennials in April. They can withstand a little night frost. You have to be more careful with bedding plants. You can still expect night frost until the “IJsheiligen”. Plants with bedding in pots should be taken inside if night frost is predicted. But go ahead and get started, now you can buy the […]

Zinnia – so beautiful!

Zinnia – so beautiful Zinnias, they bring summer into your garden. I sowed them myself a few months ago and now they are a sea of flowers in the garden. In my opinion, Zinnia is the most beautiful flower for your picking garden or bouquet. It is sturdy, does not blow over easily, has a long flowering period and stands for a long time in a vase. And for flowers you have sown and picked yourself, you don’t need flower covers. No energy costs, transport, pesticides or artificial fertiliser. Just a little love for growing #flowersuiteigentuin. Zinnia in different colours […]