Crocosmia, summer bulb
Crocosmia or Montbretia is a summer-flowering bulbous plant. Crocosmia blooms in the summer and comes in the colours orange-yellow to bright red. This flower fits well in a mixed border. It has fine flower spikes which continue flowering well into late summer. It also combines well with ornamental grasses.
It is an airy “weaver”. Weaving plants are good for mixing in flowering borders.
Try a combination of orange-red crocosmia and purple shades, this strengthens the colour effect.

Colour palette
With Crocosmia you give your garden a good dose of colour in the first place.

Originally, this garden plant has an orange colour. You can now choose from a range of colours, from orange-yellow to scarlet. This fiery colour palette makes the Crocosmia a special presence in the garden.
This is reinforced by its graceful, upright inflorescence and the many little flowers on a single spike.


An easy plant, it can stand a lot of sun, little water and dry soil. The ideal bulb for anyone with little time.
I leave the bulbs in the ground during the winter. They reproduce themselves and next year you will have a nice splash of colour in your garden.


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