Zinnia – so beautiful
Zinnias, they bring summer into your garden. I sowed them myself a few months ago and now they are a sea of flowers in the garden. In my opinion, Zinnia is the most beautiful flower for your picking garden or bouquet. It is sturdy, does not blow over easily, has a long flowering period and stands for a long time in a vase.
And for flowers you have sown and picked yourself, you don’t need flower covers. No energy costs, transport, pesticides or artificial fertiliser.
Just a little love for growing #flowersuiteigentuin.

Zinnia in different colours
You can easily sow Zinnias yourself. Pre-sow in spring in a container (indoors or in a greenhouse), prick out once and then plant out in the garden. A Zinnia is an annual plant and cannot withstand frost. So do not plant them out until the risk of night frost has gone, after mid-May. Finally, from one bag of seed you get a lot of plants, there is little fall-out. Zinnia, California Giants, grow as large as a gerbera. Beautiful large Zinnia.

Zinnia in a bouquet of cut flowers
A couple of Zinnias in a bouquet of cut flowers is already beautiful. The colours brighten up your bouquet. Beautiful combinations can be made with bee food, cornflowers, gypsophila, etc. These flowers at the same time. But you could also try a bouquet with different types of Zinnias. They will really last a few weeks in a vase. They will continue to bloom beautifully in your vase.


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