Bedding plants and perennials –
Spring and autumn are the time for new garden plants. The garden centres are full of them. With annual bedding plants, you can quickly transform your garden into a colourful entity. The choice of bedding plants is enormous.

You can safely plant perennials in April. They can withstand a little night frost. You have to be more careful with bedding plants. You can still expect night frost until the “IJsheiligen”. Plants with bedding in pots should be taken inside if night frost is predicted.
But go ahead and get started, now you can buy the nicest plants. And fill your terrace with all that cheerfulness.

Bedding plants are usually annuals. You plant them in spring, after the chance of frost has gone. They have been cultivated in greenhouses and can be brought into your garden quickly.
You buy bedding plants that flower, so you can quickly add colour to your garden.

Because you buy them flowering. Every year I go looking for beautiful varieties. Every year new improved varieties come on the market. They flower all summer long, often well into the autumn. Especially if you plant them immediately and give them a handful of grains of fertiliser after three months. Fertiliser pellets give your plants nutrition so that they flower more abundantly and for longer. This effect is still unknown to many people. A natural organic fertiliser is no artificial fertiliser and you can spread it around your plants with confidence. Also read our blog “Fertilising your garden – how, when and why”.

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